6 Steps to Prevent Sports Injuries

Not going anywhere and having to keep your distance because it is still in a pandemic era does not mean you cannot exercise. There are many choices of exercises that can be done even if only in a boarding house. But, you have to remember, even if you don’t leave your place of residence, it doesn’t mean you are free to experience sports injuries. First, because you rarely exercise. Second, because it is not done in the right intensity, duration, or frequency. But, Mecayla added, sports injuries are not picky. Whether you exercise a lot or are just starting out, the risk is always there.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

Even though it’s only in a boarding house, keep using sports shoes to be more enthusiastic and successful in training. But, wear comfortable shoes, huh. It must be the right size or still fit for use. Ideally, the sneakers will function well for six months from the time you buy them. Also, choose shoes that are really designed for the sport – in particular, doing specific exercises not just for styling.

2. Understand how to use sports equipment

Just bought a treadmill but haven’t used it at all? Or, just have a stepping machine because you want to train your legs? First learn how these tools work so that they can be used properly and prevent “accidents” when using them. Plus, if you know how to use it, your sports targets or goals will be easier to achieve. One way is … Read More

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5 Ways to Maintain Eye Health

Although small, the eye is a very important organ. Eyes must be kept healthy and can function properly.
Here are some tips and ways to keep your eyes healthy:

1. Eat nutritious foods
Healthy eyes start with healthy food. Nutrients such as omega-3, zinc, and vitamins C and E can reduce the risk of eye problems in old age, such as cataracts. Foods that are healthy for the eyes are:
• Green vegetables like spinach.
• Salmon, tuna.
• Eggs, nuts, and other sources of vegetable protein.
• Oranges and other fruits.
A balanced diet also helps you have an ideal body weight. Weight loss reduces the risk of developing diabetes which is one of the causes of blindness in adults.

2. Stop smoking
Cigarettes can cause cataracts and eye nerve damage.

3. Use protective glasses
When working with hazardous materials, wear protective glasses. When you are exercising extreme that can cause eye injury, you also need to use eye protection.

4. When using a computer, take time to rest
Looking at a computer or smartphone screen for a long time can cause tired eyes, blurred vision, difficulty focusing on distant vision, dry eyes, headache, neck, shoulder and back pain. There are several things you can do to protect your eyes when using a computer, namely:
• If you have myopic, make sure you wear appropriate glasses or contact lenses.
• Adjust the monitor screen, so that your eyes are aligned with the top of the monitor.
• If the
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Tips for Maintaining Ear Health and Why Ear Health Is So Important

The ear is one of the senses in our body which is very important. So vital is this organ that if only a little is disturbed, you can lose your hearing.
If hearing is damaged then you can become mute. The reason is because not the slightest sound is captured or heard.
As we know the ear consists of different parts with its own function. For example, the ear leaf serves to channel sound waves into the ear hole and will later be sent to the brain.
With information entering the brain it will translate the meaning of the sound wave. That’s why it’s important for us to know how to maintain ear health.

Factors that worsen hearing performance
Compared to other senses, you may not care much about the condition of your ears, even though these senses are so vital. Even so our activities actually make hearing ability drastically reduced.
Apart from all that, there are other factors that worsen our hearing performance, including:

1. Habit of Ear Cleaning with Cotton Bud
This one is a bit fun, that is cleaning the ears with a cotton bud is fun but if not careful it will be fatal. At first glance it seems like the dirt in the ear was successfully removed even though it was actually not.
Impurities that are successfully pulled for a long time will be pushed back so that they will accumulate and harden without knowledge. Actually there is a natural mechanism of the ear that
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Medical School and Nutrition

health medicine and nutrition

Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases publishes on the interaction between dietary and metabolic alterations with cardiovascular problems. Government Accountability Office to perform a comprehensive assessment and accounting of all federal policies associated to food, chronic ailments and well being care costs. The GAO is the government “watchdog,” providing impartial audits of companies and policies. A collection of GAO reports on food policy will probably come out in 2019 and 2020.

IFM’s Functional Medicine Certification Program

Experienced medical nutrition educators (the Curriculum Committee for the Nutrition Academic Awards) have put collectively a catalog of vitamin knowledge and abilities that medical college students must grasp upon commencement . Exactly what content material must be mastered will all the time be topic to appreciable debate and the effectivity of medical instruction will all the time differ.

Meet the Culinary Medicine Team

The excellent news, although, is that charges have decreased thanks to raised foot care and using diabetic shoes. Pound for pound, the personalised consideration you get with a dietitian is the surest approach to reach optimum health; you get an eating plan that focuses in your specific health challenges and your distinctive way of life, for maximum impact. You additionally get motivation, support, and accountability that will allow you to keep on monitor. Because consuming is so private and sometimes requires behavioral change, it’s helpful to have a trusted well being skilled that can allow you to achieve your wellness objectives.

Specific dietary supplements have been associated with toxicity, reactions with drugs, … Read More

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Food as Medicine: Integrating Nutrition Education into the Medical Education Curriculum – Geisel News

health medicine and nutrition

During medical vitamin therapy, your dietitian will look carefully at your consuming habits. This course is designed for physicians (basic internal medicine, family drugs, endocrinologists and subspecialists interested in vitamin), superior follow clinicians (nurse practitioners and physician assistants), dietitians and health and wellness specialists. The food we eat affects our health in some ways, from sustaining a wholesome weight to affecting our risks for medical conditions. Our diet group helps folks make healthier food regimen and life-style choices. This course is designed for anybody with an interest in food, nutrition and well being and doesn’t require previous knowledge or expertise in science or health research.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2017, the typical annual salary for nutritionists/dietetic technician was $26,500. On the opposite hand, non-salaried nutritionists earned an average hourly wage of $22.10 in that very same year. Of course wage incomes potentials are often depending on a sequence of things together with a nutritionists/dietetic technicians degree of formal education, quantity of earlier experience, and certification status. To him, medical training and medicine in North America owe a substantial debt. 9.Principles to Guide the Relationship between Graduate Medical Education, Industry, and Other Funding Sources for Programs and Sponsoring Institutions Accredited by the ACGME .

Personalisation of interventions could also be more practical in altering behaviour4 that may affect health outcomes.5 In this text we think about the proof for personalised diet. A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) program that requires comprehensive medical monitoring … Read More

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Healthy Eating Plan

health medicine and nutrition

As such, a series of events from food production, by way of the food environment to dietary selections, advice and interventions, summatively impression dietary standing, thus modulating well being or illness. The Summit introduced collectively worldwide organizations and people concerned in nutrition training and analysis. This yr, the main target was on the way to work together to construct a strong proof base and translate that proof into policy and practice, wanting on the entire system of meals, vitamin, and health. A schematic illustration of the conference theme, as outlined by Sumantra Ray (SR) and André Laperrière (AL) is offered in Figure 1, and a listing of speakers and key messages is in Table 1. The aim of this angle is to stipulate key messages from the Summit and present ideas for future consideration.

We welcome you to our one-cease wellness center for all your healthcare needs. Auden McClure, MED’99, MPH’08 (Photo by DHMC)Nutrition additionally impacts medical outcomes—surgical patients do higher when they are properly nourished whereas malnourished patients take longer to heal. After formal medical education, states should integrate nutrition training into persevering with training and require—or strongly encourage—physicians to take diet education programs as part of sustaining their license. Many diets you’ll see on-line or in bookstores claim that they’ve discovered the ideal “wholesome” food regimen.

While 78 p.c of Hispanics who have medical insurance coverage get some info from medical doctors and other health care professionals, sixty nine percent say they get info from tv. Conversely, while … Read More

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