Transformation Face After Two Jaw Plastic Surgery and Facial Contour Repair

All women would want to have a feminine facial lines and soft power, but what if you happen to have a disproportionate asymmetrical face right and left. Asymmetrical face not only provide physical appearance problem, but worse could cause functional problems. facelift in Maryland also two jaw surgery known as orthognathic surgery corrects malocclusion caused by a protruding jaw, square jaw, and facial asymmetry. This procedure shifts the upper jaw and the lower jaw to the back so that the chin becomes shorter. Plastic surgery procedure is effective to make the face become slim and youthful. Moreover, this procedure can also relieve chronic indigestion, headaches and disorders of the jaw joints.

If the proportion of your face than the ratio of the eye-nose is not harmonious in the sense that the lower jaw of your angular face and extending to the side so that the right and left side face is not balanced, the jaw bone behind the ear also make your face appear larger and facial proportions whole is not symmetric then the solution is to improve facial contours.

If small eyes and a snub nose can be covered with cosmetics, another case with the face shape. Face shape hard to be fixed only with cosmetic. But lately have appeared various methods square jaw surgery safe and simple so that square jaw case be more easily overcome. The operation consists of a facial contour cheekbones reduction surgery to shrink the cheekbones, square jaw surgery for facial slim line shape, v-line lifting to pull and lift the skin and facial muscles, etc. Surgery to repair facial contour is very effective to make the face to be small. Alternatively, you can get face to live like 3-dimensional images without operation of the two jaws or operating contour of the face is to double eyelid surgery or correction of ptosis, etc. to enlarge the eyes, plastic surgery nose to make sharp nose with, as well as fat graft on the part forehead and cheeks.