The Benefits of Owning a Dog or Cat

It’s estimated that there are over 86 million cats and over 78 million dogs living in households in the United States. There continues to be an increase in the money owners spend on their pets. It’s no longer just food, toys and beds that owners are buying. Pet owners are taking their pets to pet spas where they get lots of special treatment and to doggie daycare for interactive playtime. Pets benefit from the excellent care and pampering an owner gives it. There are also many benefits for pet owners.


Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, you may get slack with your exercise routine. As a dog owner, you have an exercise partner that eagerly anticipates a daily walk or jog through the park or around the neighborhood. Dogs can be a motivating exercise partner.

Reduce Stress

Simply petting a dog or cat can lower your blood pressure. Spending some time brushing your dog or cat can also reduce stress. A reduction in stress is beneficial to your overall health. Laughing is a good stress-reliever. Pets can be comical and entertaining.

Providing Purpose

Pets give their owner a sense of purpose. They depend on you for food, shelter, healthcare and love. They give you a reason to get up and going every day. Pet gift baskets are a wonderful way to reward your pet for their devotion and for the many ways they improve your life.


Pet people tend to associate with other pet people. Meeting at the dog park or having coffee at a pet-friendly café provides beneficial socializing opportunities for pet owners. You can delight your friends who have pets by sending pet gift baskets to celebrate their pet’s birthday or as a holiday gift.

Without question, the greatest benefit is the unconditional love pets provide. A pet doesn’t care where you live or how much money you have, they love you as you are. Loving them back is the best way to thank them for their devotion.