The Benefits of Medical Imaging

There comes a time when you need an MRI, ultrasound, CT scan or digital X-ray to diagnose a medical condition. A medical procedure gives your physician an up-close look at the target area. If you are worried about your appointment, here are several benefits of medical imaging procedures.

Accurate Diagnosis

Your technician uses state-of-the-art equipment to take images of your bones, joints, organs or soft tissues. They can also manipulate the images to give your physician a clear view of your body. This means they can make an accurate diagnosis of your injury or illness.

Safe Procedure

If you are like many patients, you are worried about the radiation used with a CT scan or digital X-ray. However, medical imaging exams are safe because they use a low dose of radiation. The procedures are still effective because of the high-quality equipment and clear images.

Non-Invasive Procedure

It is no secret that an angiography or exploratory surgery are known as invasive procedures, but medical imaging procedures are non-invasive because they only require your technician to take images of the target area. You can also rest assured that the medical imaging procedures are painless.

Comfortable Alternative

There are certain medical imaging procedures that offer an alternative for your comfort. One example is an MRI, which usually includes an enclosed tunnel bore. If you suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia, you can talk to your physician about an open MRI scan. It features an open design that brings both mental and physical comfort.

Quick Results

You do not have to wait for your technician to develop any film to find out the results of your digital X-ray. They can download the images right to a computer or send them to your physician. Your physician can diagnose your condition in a few hours or days. You may even receive a diagnosis within an hour of the procedure.

There are several imaging centers in NJ that offer an easy, painless experience. One center to consider is the Middletown Medical Imaging, which offers a warm staff, state-of-the-art equipment and an accurate diagnosis.