Simple Home Activity That Can Sharpen Your Child’s Brain

Experts say that around the age of 5 years, toddler brain will grow drastically. Well, for the more perfect brain sharp development, you can introduce the child in a simple brain sharpening game. Moreover, why should the game and not the lesson? Yes, the little one must do the activity of the game so that each lesson can be absorbed thoroughly

Play building block

Play building block was not only exciting, but also includes a good brain sharpening game for toddlers. By playing building block, your child will learn about waking up, expanding the imagination, and sharpening focus so that the left brain and right brain will be trained by itself.

Play the puzzle

Who does not like the puzzle? This puzzle game is good for sharpening the left and right brain of the little one. He will increase the focus to solve existing problems, while looking at possible solutions that can be taken. The more you invite the little guy to play the puzzle, the more will develop his way of thinking.

Play the maze

The labyrinth or maze has almost the same intricacy as the puzzle, but it is usually easier to solve. Although it is easier, playing the maze has been proven to be an activity that encourages the toddler’s brain to be more active, Ma. With this game the child will not only hone his motor skills and learn to solve problems, his imagination will grow rapidly.

Play hide and seek

Yes, hide and seek also turned out to include a brain sharpening game that is very fun to do together with friends. Just like playing a puzzle, your little one has to guess where someone else is hiding, so that his intuition and observation skill are well honed.

Play a foreign language

The researchers found that children who often use 2 or more languages ​​can actually absorb information more quickly and accurately. To do so, parent can play a foreign language with your child. It does not have to be a long sentence, parent can use a foreign language term for some place or thing at home, like a toilet or a bedroom. That way, he can easily memorize the foreign language term by itself.

Learning through the game is the most suitable way to introduce new things in toddlers, while encouraging optimal brain development. So, which exciting activity will be a favorite of you and toddler?