How To Soothe Your Soul

Everyone desires inner peace. Many envision meditating in a sacred temple or practicing yoga on a mountaintop. Those who seek a realistic solution may turn to religion, researching Bible questions and answers. Others turn to science, exploring various types of therapy. Whichever route you choose, here are a few tips anyone can utilize to soothe their souls.

Imagine Your Favorite Scenario

It is common to associate places and memories with elated feelings. Examples could be a holiday celebration, cuddling with your pet, a favorite movie, or visualizing a field of daffodils. Once you choose your favorite place, call up sounds, textures, and smells in your mind associated with your vision. The more vivid your thoughts, the more real it begins to feel. Your vision will become stronger and easier to conjure up with practice.

Develop Appreciation for Every Circumstance 

Practicing gratitude is continuously championed as a way to access inner peace. One way to cultivate appreciation is by keeping a journal of thankfulness. Another method is to instantly smile when you wake. Smiling cues the brain that you are content, setting a calm tone to the day. During moments of chaos, it may be difficult to think of something you appreciate. Instead, focus your gratitude on what’s not happening. For instance, if you crash your brand new car in a minor accident, you can be thankful that no one was injured.

Accept What You Can’t Control

Suffering develops from resisting your situation. Once you practice acceptance, you immediately align yourself with life. The next time you begin to feel stressed waiting at the bus stop, in a long line, late for work, just remember that it’s out of your control. Tell yourself this is what you have; you wish the bus would arrive and the line would disappear, but all you can do is go with the flow, and that’s okay.    

Deep within each person is a sense of calm, benevolent awareness. Learn which techniques help you tap into that emotional reservoir. Finding what works for you will ultimately soothe your soul.