Far Infrared Saunas – Are They Expensive?

Are far infrared sauna Auckland expensive? To that I will ask, “Are cars expensive? Are houses expensive? Are clothes expensive? Is food expensive? Is illness expensive?” The answers to these questions depend on what you are really looking for and what you are willing to pay for. What is considered expensive by one person may seem like a great deal or an investment to another.

Of course cars cost money, but they provide a mode of transportation. They get us back and forth to work, on errands and anywhere else we want to go. But they provide a purpose in our lives, one that most of us do not want to live without unless we have adequate public transportation close by. So we feel like they are worth paying money for. Of course houses also cost money. But they provide the roof over our head and that is important to most of us. Clothing? It, too, is a necessity and costs money. Food? It costs, too, but is a total necessity. Of course, the costs of each of the mentioned items though viewed as necessities vary by brand, type, size, amount etc and many people are willing to pay to get what they want. If they want a larger car, a larger house, nicer clothes, fine food they are willing to pay more for what they want.

The last questions, “Is illness expensive?” is something most people never really consider to a great extent, at least until it happens to them of their family, until the medical bills start coming in, until the illness is already there. And then illness is probably much more expensive than they ever dreamed. In the American society, even a “minor” illness can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you consider all the factors such as doctor visits, lab tests,medications, x-rays or scans, time and expense (gas, meals) of the sick person and possibly a caretaker to go to doctor, time off work, etc. That does not even take into consideration the loss of enjoyment or social activities missed due to the illness and the annoyance of feeling bad.

A couple of the many benefits of a far infrared sauna is to detoxify the body and boost the immune system. Detoxifying the body helps it get rid of disease-causing organisms, chemicals and heavy metals so that the body can function at a more efficient level and fight off diseases, viruses and bacteria thus lowering the risk of illness. Boosting the immune system also helps the body fight off bacteria and viruses which also lowers the risk of getting or decreasing the severity of even the “minor” illnesses that affect us, sometimes annually if not more frequently. You must decide what that is worth to you.

I, personally, see a far infrared sauna as an investment that will pay huge dividends in terms of reducing the risk of becoming ill (both minor and major illnesses), reducing joint pain and discomfort and allowing better and easier mobility, promoting relaxation and stress reduction, encouraging quiet time and meditation time, helping my body rid itself of unwanted fat, and cleansing my pores and promoting healthier skin just to name a few.

So, are far infrared saunas expensive? If you buy one, stick it in a corner and never use it, it is quite expensive. However, buying a far infrared sauna for the whole family to use regularly will likely pay for itself in a short time and will end up saving you money and time in the long run by promoting a more healthy, enjoyable life doing the things you really want to do with those you love. And some of those things just do not have a price tag!