Best Non-hormonal Menopause Supplements In 2020

Menopause is not a disease, but a process of restructuring a woman’s body, a transition to a new qualitative stage of development. Therefore, the appointment of drugs, especially hormones, during this period is not always justified. It is for this reason, for the relief of the climacteric manifestations, many women choose menopause supplements, which are not chemicals, but at the same time contain many useful substances that have a healing effect on the body. They become a real salvation for women who are contraindicated in taking hormonal drugs as a part of MHT.

Menopause Supplements. What Are They?

Supplements for menopause joint pain are biologically active additives consisting of active substances that are intended for simultaneous intake with food or are sometimes introduced into food products. They serve as an additional source of useful and necessary elements for the body in the crucial period of the climacteric changes.

Supplements for menopause, typically, include:

  • Phytoestrogens. They stimulate intracellular receptors in the skin, blood vessels, genitals, and endocrine glands. However, they do not have a negative effect on the endocrine system. These reduce hot flashes frequency and eliminate psycho-emotional problems.
  • Medicinal herbs: red clover, nettle, soybean, black cohosh, cimicifuga, etc.
  • Vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, folic acid, which are most necessary for a woman.

Due to its composition, the best supplements menopause have a beneficial effect on the body, improve well-being, and reduce discomfort in the climax. Each of the menopause supplements has its own individual composition, which depends on what issues in the climacteric it should solve.

According to the most recent surveys on the supplements for menopause market, the following preparations are in-demand:

  • NOW Menopause Support;
  • Equelle Hot Flash Relief;
  • MenoEase360;
  • Relizen Menopause Supplement;
  • EstroSense.

Menopause Supplements Properties

Negative changes in the menopausal female body lead to significant problems with the nervous system: a woman becomes extremely irritable, short-tempered, experiences insomnia, and mood swings.

Supplements for menopause have the following effects on the nervous system:

  • irritability is reduced;
  • mood improves;
  • stress resistance increases;
  • The body is saturated with all necessary substances and vitamins;
  • The liver is strengthened, bioactive substances contribute to the restoration of damaged cells;
  • General health and immunity improve.

The activity of all organs and systems is normalized, but at the same time, menopause supplements for weight loss do not negatively affect the functioning of internal organs.

The intake of supplements during menopause has a beneficial effect on the appearance due to the fact that when they are applied, the aging process of the body is suspended.

Top 10 menopause supplements normalize the physiological state of a woman and are considered safe means that allow her to return to an active lifestyle in the climax. Irreversible changes in the body during this difficult period are gently corrected by phytohormones – phytoestrogens. Moderate doses of vitamins and minerals contained in menopause supplements make up for the deficiency of nutrients and increase overall tone. Consult your health provider to start the therapy as soon as possible.