Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Electronic cigarettes are widely used, and as the time past, there are more models you can choose from. It isn’t easy to find the model that suits you well in the beginning because it is a big market, but from some reviews and suggestions, you won’t make a mistake. Besides the models that are also three types, you can choose from.

If you want to stop smoking you can get something that you are used to and that is a cig-alike electronic cigarette. As the name says, it looks like a cigarette. Other two types are much bigger in size, but they have bigger vapor. You can choose a refillable type or some advanced e-cigs where you can change the amount of power used to make vapor and also you would have a larger battery for such options. You can always check Tobacco and Smoke Free e-cig reviews or videos to know which one to get.



Eleaf iCare Solo

One of the products that usually make it on a top 10 list is the Eleaf iCare Solo pen-style e-cig that is very simple and portable. It is very portable because it is 4 inches tall, so you can easily fit it into any pocket. It has a lot of advantages over larger electronic cigs.

It has a 350 mAh battery that is like 90{6889a24a51079a53e1d3b3e10f4c76236e66bbb0f7d7b82cce2c5ffbd1bc7be7} of the devices like this. Coils have 1.1 ohms. Even that voltage is lower the performance is at the point. You will also get a USB charger and of course a manual. Because the cost is $15, you can say that you have the best product for that price.


Joyetech eGo AIO D22 XL

Joyetech is a large name in the vaping business, and even they have many devices that can be considered as some of the best e-cigs for beginners, there are still better. The eGo AIO D22 XL is a modernized version of the eGo AIO, which keeps everything that was good about the original but increases the tank capacity and battery life.

The battery has 2300 mAh, and that is much bigger than other e-cigs because usually none of the can last a day and this one can. The tank has 3.5ml which is built into the body. It is a refillable type and it is

very easy to manage. There are two 0.6 ohm coils that allow high power vaping. When you know you can use it the whole day, the price of $24 is a normal assumption.



Halo Tracer Twist

If you are new in the vaping world, this model can be a great choice for you. They maintained the simplicity of traditional electronic cigarette, and with a very simple design. The twist in the name also has a purpose, and it is because of variable wattage feature that gives you great control of the device.

You can choose from 5 to 30W, depending on how much vape you want to get, but also the battery will die sooner. The battery has 2300 mAh which is very great for this design, and you can expect to make it through the day with it, and it comes with the 4ml tank. Because you have some features that other devices don’t have and you also get a lot of things in the kit, the price is $55 which can be expensive to some people, but you get everything you need with it. Read more here.


V2 Pro Series 3X

The Pro Series from V2 turns the game to the next level, even there are many features new vapers don’t use they still go for them. The great thing about this type is that it has magnetically-connected cartridges. Another good thing is that it supports vaping dry herb. So, if you look at what you can use instead of just vaping more, this is something for you. The 750 mAh battery can be charged while vaping.

When you look at all features, the Pro Series 3X is the greatest e-cigarette for everyone looking for highest flexibility with regards to what to vape. The kit comes with a charger, the vaporizer, three interchangeable atomizer heads, and disposable cartridge, also with the accompanying tank. That is why the price is around $100.