4 Things You Can Do To Get Spiritual Support

Even if everything seems to be going your way, life happens. You might be seeking help with loneliness or loss, looking to connect to a source of unshakable joy, or need a companion to help facilitate a big transition or rite of passage. Spiritual support can go a long way toward helping you connect with strength and hope as you walk your individual path. You don’t have to do it alone! Here are four things you can do to get spiritual support. 

1. Reach Out to Friends

Friends who can go beyond the surface level — to walk alongside you in all seasons of life — are precious. You may have one or a few who you’ve known all your life, or maybe you’re in seeking mode now. It’s important to look for friends who are emotionally healthy and available to you; your situation may vary over time according to life stages and events, and that’s okay! 

2. Reach Out to Clergy 

You may be looking for a minister who can help facilitate your spiritual growth either in-person or online. A supportive clergy person such as an ordained minister Memphis TN can offer classes, insight, and support to help you navigate life and increase a sense of connection with something greater. 

3. Reach Out to Community

It’s likely that your community has great resources, and also great need. You might gain a sense of spiritual fulfillment from volunteering with a human service agency, or simply by being a warm, friendly presence wherever you go. Giving is receiving!

4. Reach Out to Animals

Whether you have a beloved pet or visit a shelter, connecting with the animal kingdom can have a comforting effect that feels spiritual in its depth of impact. 

You can go about getting spiritual support in many ways. Try these suggestions to get started!